If you ask the typical Homeowner exactly what their home’s most important facets are they might say the foundation, or the square footage might be mentioned by them. Many people overlook the significance of their roofs. Homes with strong roofs resist rain, wind, and snow, keeping you and your family comfortable during the worst of weather conditions. During summer’s warmth, a sturdy, well ventilated roof is going to keep you cool when the weather becomes too hot to handle.

We provide roofing contractor services for a number of roof types and supply a vast choice of roofing materials for you to choose from. An existing roof often requires preparatory repairs into the underlying structure of the roof, the elimination of roofing materials, and also the installation of flashings. Repairs may not be required, if the roof is solid. We’re delighted to come out and take a look at your roof.


Just Like anything else, a roof has a life span. It can be challenging for homeowners to recognize when it is time to get a new roof. Without causing a complete roof collapse, sometimes a roof can reach the end of its lifespan. The roof will look worn and old, even if you’ve been performing preventative care. It might result in bigger problems down the road, if replacing an older roof is delayed for a prolonged time period. Benefit from our roofing offers and let’s determine whether your roof is at risk.


Replacing an old roof is a great way to add curb appeal and increase your home’s value. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, a new roof is a big selling point for many homebuyers. In fact, the ROI (Return on Investment) of a new roof can be just as high as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, especially with our 50 year non prorated transferable warranty.

TJM Construction Roofing Materials

There are several different types of roofing materials that you can choose from, such as asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, synthetic shakes and natural stone slate.

Asphalt Shingles

If your Roof is made from asphalt shingles, there are numerous tell-tale signs that your roof may need to be replaced. Any roof that is 20 years or old should be considered by a professional to ensure that the roof is not at risk of falling. Likewise, if you notice cracked shingles, bald spots where granules are missing, shingle edges that are curled or shingle tabs which are cupped, or notice dark streaks which might be airborne algae, your roof might have to be repaired or preventative maintenance may be asked to maintain your roof away from further deteriorating.

Cool Roof Tile and Shingles

You can pick from a number of ENERGY STAR and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) roof tiles and shingles which come in a variety colors and profiles. Cool roof tiles and shingles are particularly well known for their roof materials. This type of tile may be a cost effective alternative for MOBILE, AL | PENSACOLA, FL homeowners who are considering lowering their energy invoice and receiving rebates from the local authorities or utility companies.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is an affordable, long lasting roofing material that requires little maintenance. It is also fairly versatile; you can select from a wide spectrum of colors and styles to create a look that makes your property truly stand out. Concrete tile is also sustainable, considered “green”, and 100% recyclable.

Clay Tile

Clay Tile is extremely durable and a fantastic choice for a MOBILE, AL | PENSACOLA, FL property because of its resistance to fire. Clay tiles are renewable and offer excellent value for the money. They are budget friendly, yet add detail and charm.

Save Money on Ventilation & Insulation Now!

Since we be up on the roof, we can easily update your attic area and bring everything up to code. Adding attic insulation may lower the attic’s temperature, which reduces energy consumption and saves you a significant amount of money.

Since we’re already be up on the roof, we bring everything up to code and can easily update your attic space. Adding attic insulation may immediately lower the loft’s temperature, which reduces energy consumption and saves you a significant sum of money.

Adding attic insulation can immediately lower the attic’s temperature, which reduces energy consumption and saves you a significant amount of money

Our trained teams of TJM Roofing Construction professionals are eager to provide you with great customer service and professional workmanship. Big or small, we take pride in every job that we perform. Regardless of the size of the project, our customers know they can count on us to treat every repair with a sense of urgency. So, if you’ve got a roof that needs repaired or replaced, give us a call today to see how we can help!

TJM Roofing Construction Repair Professionals

If your roof is not in bad condition and a repair can be made, we’ll do it. We specialize in MOBILE, AL | PENSACOLA, FL roof repair and new roof installation. We’re happy to provide a written estimate for all repairs and answer any questions that you may have.

We try our best to provide a solution that doesn’t require you to purchase a brand new roof. Unlike many roofing companies out there, we pride ourselves on being a permanent service provider for our customers. We don’t get satisfaction from making people buy a new roof that they really don’t need. Instead, our philosophy is if we do a great repair, we know you will call us first when you do need a new roof in the future.

Roofing LEAKS

Detecting a roof leak like finding a needle in a haystack, may be. Wherever one thing is for certain — it becomes difficult to obtain the point of entrance, once water has entered your attic. A flow can start small and grow to cause a substantial quantity of water damage when a roof is not well preserved. We know exactly what to look for and how to spot present leaks.

If you notice any of the following indications of a water flow, give us a call for a free no-obligation assessment:

Missing, damaged, or cracked shingles? We Can Repair:

  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Dripping noise in your loft
  • Moisture smell
  • Wind Damage

Below are signs that your roof may have experienced wind damage:

  • Thin lines where granules appear worn from the above shingle
  • Places where shingles are missing
  • Roof Damage From Falling Debris

Gusts of wind can cause roof shingles to blow from your roof. Most home roof damage warranties will be covered for roof shingle damage, so have a look at your existing warranty.

Heavy storms can sometimes cause debris to damage your roof. If you are worried that your roof has been damaged, give us a call.

Below are signs that your roof may have been damaged by debris:

  • Roof leaks following heavy winds
  • A pile of granules
  • Missing or cracked shingles

The entire TJM Roofing Construction team of MOBILE, AL | PENSACOLA, FL staff has up-to-date training about the best roof repair practices. Rain or shine, we offer a complimentary roofing repair estimate or emergency services as required and we’ll respond to your telephone call right away. We know how to find and treat any roofing problem your property might have. Whether it’s a workmanship issue or a material problem, we will guarantee that the situation is fixed the right way.

We highly recommend all property owners make certain that a bi-annual gutter cleaning and a routine inspection has been performed. These issues that are preventative can increase the life span of your roofing and avoid expensive problems from occurring in the future.

Ready to Help when you need us!

Whatever your roofing needs are, TJM Roofing Construction of MOBILE, AL | PENSACOLA, FL can help! We are an Owens Corning™ Roofing Preferred Contractor, which means that we provide superior services and meet the highest standards in the roofing industry. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you promptly.